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superfood success

Superfood Success

Superfood Testimonial

“I started drinking the Greenergy a few days before I called EnergyFirst to place my monthly
order. Having been a massage therapist for over 16 years, I already had an impressive line-
up of nutritional supplements that I consumed every day. Part of my hesitation in sampling
the product was simply the feeling that I could not possibly NEED any more nutrition.

Was I ever wrong! I could tell from the first day that the Greenergy was having a beneficial
effect. I had more energy and more mental clarity (and I had good energy and mental
capacity to start with!); after several weeks of daily use I noticed that my stomach
(as in pot-belly) was melting away. That's when my curiosity kicked in and I finally did
some serious research.

In studying the various ingredients in Greenergy I was impressed that there was no
added sugar of any kind and I realized that I could stop buying almost all of the other
supplements sitting in my kitchen cabinets. So now I spend less money while getting
better results - and I only have to remember to stir a spoonful of the greens into my
whey powder protein shake instead of consuming numerous vitamin, spiralina and anti-oxidant pills, powders and liquids. How great is that!

I think the miracle about Greenergy is that the good folks at EnergyFirst were able to
create a product that works synergistically to shift your body's pH balance towards
alkalinity - which is necessary both for weight loss and generating energy. I was taking
many of the ingredients in Greenergy separately and experienced nothing close to the
results that I feel with the Greenergy.”

-- DG Chabot
Greenergy User since 2002

Greenergy is gluten-free, which is a common
cause of wheat allergies. Also include more
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